Wanting to buy a property in Spain? All you need to know

Spain is one of the most favorite destination for foreigners to visit and  buy a house .

Spain is a very diverse country, with different cultures, landscapes ,weather and different gastronomy depending on the area you choose to live in.

We work in the Gandia area, on the border between Alicante and Valencia on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea .

Spain doesn´t distinguish between buyers from the EU and from the rest of the world . All people must meet the same of the requirements.

How is the buy process?

The only requirement that you must meet to be able to buy a house in Spain is to request the NIE (foreigner identification number) that serves to identify you and to pay taxes.

Where the NIE is requested ?

It is requested at a Spanish police station or you have to go to the Spanish embassy in your country, presenting form EX-15.
Remember that the payment of housing , taxes and expenses must be made in Euros .
How can I pay?
There are some ways , one by international transfer , another by entering your own account in Spain and the last by entering the bank account of a Notary Public.

Urbatic recommends hiring a lawyer to assist throughout the purchasing process. He will help you throughout the process;

By means of a power from a  Spanish notary , the lawyer  will be able to open a bank account for you in Spain, obtain the NIE, sign the purchase deed on your behalf and carry out all the necessary steps in addition to monitoring the legality of the purchase.

If you need a lawyer, we can recommend specialized lawyers .

Contac us and we will recommend you the best. Call us at 0034962954466  or send us an email  urbatic@urbatic.com

How is the buy process ?

Once you have decided in which area you want to live, you have to start the process

If you are interested in knowing the purchase process....... Call us at 0034962954466  or send us an email   urbatic@urbatic.com

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